The Rivoni Trust is a registered not-for-profit Trust (Registration no. IT NO 709/2011) with the primary objective of providing information and education to underserved and marginalised communities in South Africa.

Partnering with other role players

Since its formation, the Rivoni Trust has worked with a number of key stragetic parters and service providers, including:

  • Nelson Mandela Foundation, for community dialogues over 3 years in 9 provinces;
  • Sonke Gender Justice, uses various social change strategies to promote a healthy, equal society;
  • Network of community radio broadcasters: this is a mutually beneficial relationship whereby we have provided capacity building in various content areas and in return we have been able to negotiate excellent rates with considerable added value for clients, such as substantial additional air time;
  • Network of Community Facilitators, spread across the 9 provinces and based in mainly rural and peri-urban communities, for whom we have provided capacity building, primarily in the fields of health/HIV Aids and financial literacy;
  • SABC: a long standing client of KTV&C, more recently a partnership was developed with the national broadcaster around our youth development programmes, e.g. Walala Wasala, that focuses on voter education and has become accepted among youth aged 16 – 25;
  • RHRU (now known as Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute WHRI), WHRI is a leading African academic research institution working in the fields of reproductive health, HIV, and broader arenas of infectious diseases;
  • Perinatal HIV Research Unit – PHRU (our link is now Anova – PHRU conducts community-partnered multi-disciplinary research and through Anova Health Institute works on community progress outside the academic setting;
  • Converse Consulting & Management Services, part of Resolve Group, specialising in change management as well as monitoring and evaluation;
  • MXit Lifestyle, as social and digital media are particularly effective among the youth, we have partnered with MXit on targeted campaigns, particularly in areas of health, democracy, and financial literacy;
  • Network of translators to ensure content is colloquially translated while maintaining integrity of messaging;
  • Extensive work with the Department of Basic Education at national, provincial and local levels;
  • Mindset (YCCOM Advisory Board) – an NGO delivering educational resources on a mass scale;
  • Soul City – representatives sit on our YCCOM Advisory Board and they come with a wealth of knowledge to enhance elements of our community experience;
  • Singizi Consulting – a monitoring and evaluation service provider on the YCCOM Project and has worked with Grounded Media on other projects.
Nelson Mandela Foundation
Grounded Media

Sonke Gender Equality

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