The Rivoni Trust is a registered not-for-profit Trust (Registration no. IT NO 709/2011) with the primary objective of providing information and education to underserved and marginalised communities in South Africa.

Legal Resource Centre

The Rivoni Trust has taken on a Legal Resource Centre project to communicate and create awareness within marginalised communities of:

  • How the legal framework and litigation processes affect people's access to services, specifically with regard to their rights to housing, and issues regarding informal business (e.g. street vendors, car guards, etc);
  • The structures available to assist people in gaining access to housing, sanitation and safe water – and how to defend these rights in a sensible manner.

In addition, we will engage with planners from local government structures (through an advocacy strategy) on issues affecting those they serve, and how to work with community to deliver these plans.

Funded by the Urban Slums Grant, the 5-year project will be launched in KZN in year one, and then roll out in Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape over the next 4 years.

Monitoring and evaluation of the project will be outsourced to a partner independent of both organisations.


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