The Rivoni Trust is a registered not-for-profit Trust (Registration no. IT NO 709/2011) with the primary objective of providing information and education to underserved and marginalised communities in South Africa.

About us

We're passionate about helping the majority of South Africans gain access to information – especially information that enables them to make better choices about their lives.

Delivering educational messages about human rights and democracy, health and HIV/AIDS, financial literacy, SMME development and gender justice to those in rural and peri-urban areas requires a deep understanding of these communities and the issues facing them – as well as an ability to communicate using both traditional and non-traditional channels, in a language that resonates with the people.

In developing public campaigns we have, through Grounded Media, pioneered and built up considerable experience in community outreach and advocacy for community education.

We understand that the most important way to widen reach and ensure sustainable impact is to build relationships at local level, in trusted community based structures. This has taken us into communities across the length and breadth of the country, where we have developed strong links with traditional leaders, faith based organisations, municipalities, civic organisations, women's groups, youth organisations, trade unions and school governing bodies.

Grounded Media donates its time, expertise and considerable institutional knowledge and project management skills to the Rivoni Trust, enabling us to further extend our footprint into communities.

We also work with a number of partners and key service providers to extend our reach.



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